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"If you get the form right, everything falls into place."


Jonah Petrelli, NCCPT/NETA certified

What's Important in a Personal Trainer?

The answer is different for each individual. But regardless, I believe form is essential during training because:

  • • Good form helps produce better results
  • • It decreases the risk of injury
  • • Good form gives you a better sense of your body, including neuromuscular            connections
  • • Enables you to target specific muscles or muscle groups
  • • Carries into how you operate in your daily life (sitting, standing, lifting,                  crouching, sleeping, etc.), in a way that has you move in ways that support          your overall health and goals.

I'd like to help you reach your goals, safely and effectively, whether it's:

My name is Jonah Petrelli.

If you are committed to being healthier and more conscious about your body, I want to be your fitness trainer. I believe that focused training, mindful movement and other positive decisions are the keys to personal health and, frankly, happiness.

My philosophy is simple: I want everyone to enjoy the tremendous gift of optimal health and fitness. My passion is helping clients achieve their individual fitness goals safely and efficiently, inspiring them to have fun in the process. I walk this walk.

Would you like to walk it with me?